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Crazy SEO - Affordable SEO

Crazy SEO Offers Affordable SEO Services.

Many SEO Firms charge as much for 1 month of service as we do for our full 1 year plan. Others charge as much to optimize 1 page as we charge for a full 1 year plan.

So yes, we are an Affordable SEO firm.

If you would like to try our Affordable SEO Services before purchasing a plan here's a Special Offer:

Fill out the form below and ....

  • Select 1 Web Page you want to optimize
  • Select up to 3 keywords, or keyword phrases related to the page

Here's what we will do ....

  • Setup and Run a Baseline Report for your site showing where the page and keywords currently rank
  • Perform our 9 Point Web Page Inspection
  • Perform a keyword analysis on the keywords submitted
  • Suggest potential keyword modifications for better ranking
  • Assist in getting the 1 web page Search Engine Optimized for better rankings

Here's what you will need to do ....

  • Implement the changes we recommend in a timely manner

It's that easy!

Affordable SEO doesn't get any better than this!

We'll even help you implement the changes if you're not sure how to do it yourself.

Note: We will need ftp access to your site if you want us to make the changes for you. No changes will ever be made without you first agreeing to them via email / electronic approval.

We'll do everything we can to get this page found on Page 1 of Google®, Yahoo® or Bing®. 

We'll work for up to 6 months or whenever the page is first found on Page 1 of any one of the 3 Major Search Engines listed above.

We really want to get it there much sooner though so you can feel more comfortable about using our other services for your entire site.