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Crazy SEO - Maintenance Package

Search Engine Optimization results change over time.

There are many reasons for this - Major Search Engines may change their algorithms, competitors may be performing SEO on their sites, keywords or phrases may become more or less popular, etc.

By monitoring your site you can see if you are improving or dropping in rank and adjust as needed to maintain or improve your rankings.

Our SEO Maintenance Packages offer an easy way to monitor your site and keywords to keep your site up to date.

The following SEO Maintenance Packages are intended for use on sites which have already had Search Engine Optimization performed on them.

This can be either through our SEO Services or some other method.

If your site has gone through our Search Engine Optimization we can use the baseline reports already on file, or clear them and start fresh.

For everyone else, we will generate a new baseline report for you on the first run.

The Monthly option is very popular and recommended for sites that want to keep a constant pulse on their site and maintain consistently high rankings.

The Bi-Monthly option is a good alternative for established sites that want to do a review every other month.

Both options include reporting for 1 Website, and up to 10 keywords

  • We create a "baseline" report to show progress over the months
    ( Or use existing baseline if desired )
  • Monthly or Bi-Monthly reports to show progress or issues 
  • Assistance in creating offsite changes such as quality backlinks, articles, reviews, Google Business Listings for brick and mortar businesses, SEO Optimized content writing, and more!
  • Unlimited Support through our Help Desk System