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Crazy SEO - SEO Services

The amount of Search Engine Optimization your site requires varies based upon a number of factors:

  • How much, if any, SEO work has already been done
  • The number of pages you wish to optimize
  • The number of keywords you wish to optimize
  • How competetive the keywords are
  • How much competition you have for your site
  • And much more ....

With that in mind, Crazy SEO Offers a few different service options to help you get exactly the right Search Engine Optimization needed for your site.

Every website must start with our Website Analysis and Keyword Research to gain an understanding of where the site ranks in the major search engines, and the competition for the desired keywords.

This first step is critical for establishing a baseline for results in the future, gaining an understanding of customer supplied keywords, finding alternate keywords, and planning for website improvements.

 In addition we provide: