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Crazy SEO - Starter Package

Search Engine Optimization takes time and knowledge to implement.

If you are capable of editing your own site's source code you can save a lot of money with our SEO Starter Packages.

We will tell you what to change, and you just make the change and publish the updates to your site.

Each package gives you the following:

  • Initial review and analysis of 1 Website, and up to 10 keywords
  • We create a "baseline" report to show progress over the months
  • Monthly reports to show progress as Search Engine Optimization kicks in and makes your site more visible on Major Search Engines
  • Submission of your site to Major Search Engines
  • Fine Tuning of your site for best performance
  • Assistance in creating offsite changes such as quality backlinks, articles, reviews, Google Business Listings for brick and mortar businesses, SEO Optimized content writing, and more!
  • Unlimited Support through our Help Desk System

SEO can be implemented on a tight budget and a short timeline with our 4 Month Bronze Package.

SEO Typically takes 4 - 6 months to really fine tune and see results.
For that reason we Highly Recommend the 6 Month Silver Package for most websites.

The extra 2 months allows time for more fine tuning, adding of quality content, establishing more backlinks, and creating more visibility.

SEO is an ongoing process. If you rely on your site heavily for creating an income you will want to check your results monthly and adjust as the economy and business changes. If that describes your situation you should consider the 1 Year Gold Package for optimal results.

Gold Package requests are handled on a higher priority, and is our best value.

All packages will have the option for extending service if needed, but the best value is always upon the initial package chosen.